Instructions: Apply hot wax

Degrease the components beforehand according to the instructions.

​Put the wax into a pot, preferably small. Allow the entire amount of wax to melt.

(Never use a stove with an open flame, this can cause the wax to ignite, please do not leave the wax unattended!)

  • Thread the chain onto a wire; this will make it much easier to remove later.

  • Place the chain in the pot at 90 degrees Celsius. The chain and wax should reach the same temperature. Turn off the stove after 2 minutes as soon as 90C is reached, this will ensure that the wax and chain reach the same temperature. The chain remains in the pot.

  • When you put the chain in, small air bubbles should rise from the chain.

  • Allow the wax and chain to cool down. At around 60C a thin skin slowly forms. Then remove the chain. A little wax may stick to the outside. This can be easily removed when it is still hot. Please move the chain as little as possible. If it sticks particularly well to the outside, the wax may have already been too cold.

  • Remove the chain and carefully hang it over the wax bath. The heat ensures a better cooling process. 3-5 drops are ideal, more indicates a wax bath that is too hot.

  • Move/“break” the chain after at least two hours. The chain can then be installed.

  • The chain should last 800-1000km with one treatment. If you ride in wet conditions, the chain should ideally be wiped dry after the ride.

  • The chain must be run in for 50km! After that, the chain should behave like an oiled chain.

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Frequently asked question

Here we give you all the answers to your most frequently asked questions.

Do I need to clean the chain again?

No, the degreasing process is completely eliminated and is therefore only necessary once when switching to chain wax.

Chain is running louder, what to do?

I have applied chain wax but now the chain is running much louder? What did I do wrong?

1 General:
After 50km of hot wax (break-in period) or generally after waxing, does the chain still run unevenly, loudly and do the chain links feel tough?

=> Then it is because the chain was not degreased correctly! Put the chain in a saucepan and let it boil in water for 15 minutes. The oil and wax will dissolve, then degrease again with brake cleaner, let it air out and re-wax!

2. Hot wax: Chain gets louder before 800-1000km? Then the wax was boiled too hot! The wax is too liquid and drips out of the chain, which affects the mileage. It is also possible that the wax was not heated up enough, which makes it harder for the wax to penetrate the chain. Moving the chain in the pot can also help to release air bubbles etc. from the chain.

3. Installation problems: Derailleur pulleys are directional (rattle if installed incorrectly). There is also a metal pin in the derailleur between the upper and lower derailleur pulleys (the chain must not run over it). Worn chainrings can sometimes make noise. Very rarely: chainrings installed the wrong way round (inside).

Can I mix hot and liquid wax?

Yes, all hot and liquid chain waxes are completely compatible with each other (including graphene, graphite, etc.). You don't have to pay attention to anything, just put the chain in the cooking pot or apply the wax.

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