Person entfettet eine Fahrradkette in einem Ultraschallbad

What for actually?!

Ultrasonic baths

Ultrasonic baths fulfill two functions:

1.They enable deep degreasing of chains.

2. The heated water bath makes it possible to remove old wax from the chain. The wax melts and is removed from the surface by the ultrasound.

Ultrasonic bath

Degrease chains with ultrasonic baths?

In general, ultrasonic baths are always operated with water. However, a cleaning agent is added for degreasing, such as the cleaning concentrate offered on the website.

Important: The chains are always degreased beforehand with nitro thinner or brake cleaner; the ultrasonic bath with cleaning concentrate is not able to clean components that are so heavily soiled. The ultrasonic bath removes the last 0.5%. Alternatively, glasses with nitro thinner or brake cleaner can be placed in the USB. In this case, however, the heating must remain switched off.

Clean waxed chain with an ultrasonic bath?

This is the main benefit of an ultrasonic bath. In order to get the absolute lowest possible friction out of the chain, even waxed chains need to be completely cleaned before a big race. An ultrasonic bath with a heating function of 80C+ is required. The water melts the wax and the ultrasonic waves dissolve the old wax and any dust.

How do ultrasonic baths work and what else can they be used for?

Ultrasonic waves are generated using an ultrasonic generator and transmitted into the cleaning fluid using an oscillation system (comparable to loudspeakers).

The rapid back and forth movement of the cleaning fluid causes a very rapid pressure-pull alternation in the fluid. A vacuum is created between the pressure and the pull wave, cavitation bubbles form and then implode. This happens throughout the entire ultrasonic bath. This also happens on the surface of the workpiece. The dirt is blasted off. The cleaner ensures that the grease combines with the water.

Frequently asked questions

Your most frequently asked questions answered:

Do I need an ultrasonic attachment for degreasing and cleaning?

Yes and no, you should use an appropriate additive such as Optimize Ultra Sonic Cleaner to degrease. Unfortunately, this does not eliminate the need for pre-cleaning.

It is not necessary to clean a waxed chain later. Water is completely sufficient.

Do you really need a heater?

Yes, a heater helps a lot in the degreasing process and even more when it comes to cleaning a waxed chain (just hot water to dissolve old wax).

Can I put the solvent directly into the USB?

No, please, absolutely not. If necessary, put it in a closed container and place it in the water bath of the ultrasonic tank. Make sure to turn off the heating.