Instructions for regrowth

Preparing the chain for a new hot wax bath:

The procedure depends entirely on the degree of contamination of the chain.

Heavily soiled: pour boiling water over the chain => wipe dry

Dirty: Rinse chain with warm water => wipe dry

Clean: Pull the chain through a cloth (ideally a microfiber cloth)

The chain should be cleaned so that we do not bring any dirt into the hot wax bath.

Preparing the chain for a new liquid wax:

With liquid wax, cleaning is completely optional. The same steps as with hot wax apply here.

Note: Degreasing will not take place again, this is a one-time process.

Frequently asked question

Here we give you all the answers to your most frequently asked questions.

Can I just re-lubricate with liquid wax?

Yes, of course it works! Hot and liquid wax are both independent lubricants. They can also be combined. And of course all variants can be mixed together.

Do I need to clean the chain again?

No, the degreasing process is completely eliminated and is therefore only necessary once when switching to chain wax.

Chain is running louder, what to do?

I have applied chain wax but now the chain is running much louder? What did I do wrong?

1 General:
After 50km of hot wax (break-in period) or generally after waxing, does the chain still run unevenly, loudly and do the chain links feel tough?

=> Then it is because the chain was not degreased correctly! Put the chain in a saucepan and let it boil in water for 15 minutes. The oil and wax will dissolve, then degrease again with brake cleaner, let it air out and re-wax!

2. Hot wax: Chain gets louder before 800-1000km? Then the wax was boiled too hot! The wax is too liquid and drips out of the chain, which affects the mileage. It is also possible that the wax was not heated up enough, which makes it harder for the wax to penetrate the chain. Moving the chain in the pot can also help to release air bubbles etc. from the chain.

3. Installation problems: Derailleur pulleys are directional (rattle if installed incorrectly). There is also a metal pin in the derailleur between the upper and lower derailleur pulleys (the chain must not run over it). Worn chainrings can sometimes make noise. Very rarely: chainrings installed the wrong way round (inside).

Can I mix hot and liquid wax?

Yes, all hot and liquid chain waxes are completely compatible with each other (including graphene, graphite, etc.). You don't have to pay attention to anything, just put the chain in the cooking pot or apply the wax.

Problems or questions?

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