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Fast, faster, graphs!

Graphene hot wax

The lowest friction values ​​can only be achieved by using hot wax! We've added graphene to the mix. With our recipe, you'll now be playing in the top league of friction values!


About Us

Founding history:

In April 2022, Optimize was founded by me (Felix). I started the project because none of the chain waxes currently available on the market really appealed to me in terms of lubricating performance and cleanliness. In mid-2023, I finally completed my dual business studies and now work full-time on bicycle chains.

A lot has happened since the launch in 2022! It all started with graphene liquid chain wax. In the meantime, the product range has expanded considerably. From various liquid wax variants, it moved on to hot wax. Suitable ultrasonic baths and cleaning agents are now also available.

The latest additions are the bearing greases and pre-waxed chains, bicycle cleaners and now the brand new ultrasonic cleaning fluid


Where will things go in the next few years?

Optimize should be seen as a full-service provider in the area of ​​bicycle care. The chain wax system should be completely covered by Optimize, from cleaning to waxing. In addition to first-class chain lubrication products, the care area should be covered.


Optimize strives to be at the forefront of bike care by developing innovative and highly effective care products. Our vision is to give cyclists worldwide an unparalleled riding experience by providing premium products that not only optimize the performance and longevity of bike chains, but are also environmentally friendly and sustainable. We strive to set the standards in the bike care industry and become a trusted symbol for bike enthusiasts worldwide through continuous research, development and commitment to the highest quality.