Person trägt Kettenwachs aus einer Flasche auf eine Fahrradkette auf.

Optimize Chain Wax

Chain wax for bicycles - the effective solution for a clean and long-lasting chain.

High Performance Cycling Products

What is our chain wax known for?

  • Clean: Due to the higher melting point of the wax, it is solid at ambient temperature and therefore does not absorb any dust or dirt. This is further enhanced by the non-polar properties of wax. The higher melting point also enables more even and longer-lasting lubrication than is possible with waxes that are "softer" and therefore wear out more unevenly.

  • Fast: By adding graphene and graphite to our chain waxes, we offer one of the fastest chain waxes on the market. But everything depends on the base, the chain wax. This is where the foundation for long-lasting lubrication lies. The dry lubricants then make the chain even faster.

  • Quiet: Wax is a very powerful dry lubricant. Even if it rains continuously for 5 hours, the chain will always run quietly because the wax adheres better to the chain. Wax permanently lubricates the chain and significantly reduces running noises compared to chain oils etc.

  • Simple: The fine nozzle and the easily squeezable bottle make applying chain wax very easy. The range also includes the necessary accessories to ensure the changeover works perfectly.

What makes us different from others?

Hot and liquid wax as a system solution

We are one of the first manufacturers to offer a system solution for chain wax. Our hot and liquid waxes are completely compatible with each other and thus enable the greatest possible flexibility.

What sets us apart from the competition?

  • Consistency:
    Due to a higher wax content in the liquid wax, more wax is absorbed into the chain when applied and the lubrication lasts longer. In practice, there is nominally more wax that remains in the chain.

  • Product support:

It is important to us to always provide our customers with the best possible advice and help. Whether they have questions about degreasing, product selection, application or possible solutions to assembly errors, etc.

  • Made in Germany:

All our chain waxes are produced in Germany. We also rely almost exclusively on German companies as our cooperation partners and suppliers.

Goldene Fahrradkette die auf einem Stück Metall aufgefädelt ist. Die Kette wurde zuvor mit Heißwachs bearbeitet.

Which chain wax do you need?

We help you find the right chain wax. Hot wax for maximum performance in racing and extreme durability with 800-1000km lubrication intervals or liquid wax with high performance and super fast application with lubrication intervals of 200-300km

Person hält Kettenwachs in der linken Hand. Im Hintergrund sind Werkzeuge und ein Ultraschallbad zu erkennen.

Which additives do I need?

Graphene or graphite?

Graphene, graphite or no additive at all? We explain the whole topic of friction here



Expectations exceeded

"Verwende dieses Flüssigwachs im Wechsel mit Graphitflüssigwachs auf einer mit Graphitwachs heißgewachsten Kette am Alltagsrad. Es ist traumhaft! Bei regelmäßiger Anwendung hat man einen wetterunabhängigen, leicht und leise laufenden Antriebsstrang, der sich mit kleinem Aufwand, sauber halten und zeitsparend warten und reparieren läßt. Trotz jeglichen Fehlens von Fett bislang keine Korrosion am Antrieb. Mit den spitzen Düsen der Wachsfläschchen kann man sehr schnell und punktgenau "nachwachsen"."

— Matthias


"My chain runs cleanly, quietly and a bit easier than with the oil I've been using so far. I can only recommend this wax. The cleanliness is the icing on the cake. Simply great."

— Russnak

Super simple and effective

After every rainy and muddy ride on the crosser, washing it is a pleasure. In the meantime, I dry the bike completely, including the drive. Nothing is oily or greasy anymore. Then I put a few drops of wax on the chain and rub it in with my fingers. Done. Thank you Felix for your great products, hot and liquid wax.

— Christian

Chain wax in detail

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