Optimize Chain Wax
Optimize Chain Wax

Optimize Chain Wax

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Our super dirt-repellent chain wax.

(The photos have not been edited, only new wax has been applied! No cleaning has been done! The wax was driven under real conditions)

100ml (approx. 4,000km - 5,000km)

  • By using harder wax, dirt can hardly stick to it and it also holds extremely strongly to the chain. No lumps or piles of wax!

  • The wax that lives up to its advertising! Simple, clean, quiet and fast!
Optimize Chain Wax

Optimize Chain Wax

Regular price €11,99 EUR
Regular price Sale price €11,99 EUR

Customer Reviews

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Nils Thomsen
Gutes Zeug

Hab ich jetzt schon das zweite mal bestellt

Sehr gutes Produkt

Bin ca. 60 Km gefahren und ich bin sehr zufrieden. Die Kette läuft leise und es lässt sich ganz einfach auftragen. Das beste ist „kein dreck mehr“


Einfach und praktisch in der Anwendung-prima Ergebnis,Kette läuft

Wachs dir eine

Super Produkt, easy aufzutragen, gute Preis/Leistung und hat eine sehr gute Lebensdauer.
Immer wieder !

Gutes Produkt

Macht einen sehr Hochwertigen Eindruck, der sich bis jetzt auch bestätigt hat.
Funktioniert alles reibungslos, der erste Eindruck ist sehr Positiv.
Klare Kaufempfehlung!

FAQ section

Show frequently asked questions with answers and pair with image.

Hot or liquid wax?

Recommendation: We recommend that customers who would like to use hot wax use liquid wax. This can reduce stress if you have a spontaneous ride planned for the next day but don't have time to wax.

Liquid wax: 200-300km mileage, effort 30s, very clean

Hot wax: 800-1000km mileage, 1.5-2h time required, slightly lower friction than liquid chain wax, very clean (same)

=> Both are fully functional lubricants and can be used independently of each other (all versions are compatible with each other, a change is possible immediately).

Shipping time

We specify the shipping time as 3-5 days. Usually the package arrives much faster. However, unfortunately it can sometimes take longer during promotions :(

Which provider do you ship with?

We always ship with DHL.

Which chain wax do I need?

Graphene: Racers or riders looking for the lowest possible frictionGraphite: For the ambitious cyclist who wants to reduce friction and wearBasic: For those who want a quiet and clean chain without any frills.