How do graphene and graphite work?

Why does graphene make you faster and how does it work?

Graphene is a single-layer platelet made of carbon atoms. This special atomic structure leads to quantum physical effects in graphene, which, among other things, makes graphene extremely friction-reducing!

The friction actually decreases as the number of stacked graphene plates increases. Totally crazy, but true!

And it is precisely this miracle material that we use in our products. To make things faster for you.

So how does graphite lubricate the chain?

Graphite consists of several carbon atom layers. The bonding forces between these layers are relatively low, which means that the atomic layers slide against each other with little energy.

What does this mean for the chain?

​Steel on steel requires a lot of energy for one metal plate to slide over the other. The graphite sits between the metal surfaces and moves instead of the metal.

This reduces wear on the chain and sprocket and saves energy when pedaling.