How does liquid wax work?

Our liquid wax consists of a water-wax emulsion. When applied, the emulsion penetrates the chain very well due to its thin consistency, and the process is further enhanced by the capillary forces that occur.

The emulsion dries solid inside the chain and the water evaporates, so it is important to adhere to the drying time of 8 hours. A shorter drying time can also be used, but this depends on the temperature etc. and in case of doubt will affect the mileage.

The decisive factor for a good emulsion is the water to wax ratio. The more wax that is added to the chain, the better. The emulsion must not be too thick, otherwise it will not be absorbed into the chain properly.

The size of the wax particles and especially the melting point of the wax used are also crucial. If the melting point is very low, the wax is soft at ambient temperature and quickly absorbs dirt. If the melting point is too high, the wax does not produce a continuous lubricating film.

As you can imagine, we believe that we have developed a very balanced and particularly good product. The customer reviews back this up.