Schalltec S30

Schalltec S30

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The big brother of the Schalltec S20 with even more power and plenty of space for slightly larger components. (Schalltec is the entry-level category of US baths from the manufacturer EMAG.)

Ultrasonic cleaning device with 120 watts cleaning power and 150 watts heating power. With dimensions of 220 x 110 x 70 mm, even smaller cassettes should fit into the ultrasonic bath.

Medium-sized ultrasonic bath with good performance and built-in heating! And all for little money!

(No ultrasonic cleaning fluid is included in the delivery, the appropriate cleaner is available in the shop)

This ultrasonic bath offers the customer an excellent price-performance ratio!

3.2 L with stainless steel oscillating tank and housing, timer 1-30 min. and heating,


Tub capacity: 3.2 liters

Working capacity: 2.7 liters


Oscillating tank: stainless steel 1.4301

Case: stainless steel 1.4301

Protection level: IP 32

Drain tap: No

Timer: 1-30 min

Heating: 20-80 °C


Do not use flammable chemicals, acids, substances containing chloride ions or household cleaners. Do not place items to be cleaned on the bottom of the tub.

Schalltec S30

Schalltec S30

Regular price €219,90 EUR
Regular price Sale price €219,90 EUR

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Habib Azimi
Super schnell - top Beratung

Der Kauf war absolut problemlos und super schnell. Ich hatte die Bestellung schon am nächsten (!!) Tag. Das Reinigen und Wachsen ging reibungslos und einfach. Einziger mini Kritikpunkt, der aber auch meiner Kommunikation geschuldet sein kann ist, dass auch in den Schalltec S30 die grosse SRAM 10-36 Kassette nicht reinpasst. Es hätte also auch das kleiner Modell gereicht. Aber ansonsten überzeugen alle Produkte in allen Belangen. Danke 🙏

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